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[24 Jan 2011 | No Comment | 1,875 views]

There is often no nicer way to enhance a room than with a bunch of fresh flowers. They not only look fantastic, but they also smell nice too. They brighten the home and they can really help to lift your mood. The only problem is, sometimes they only seem to last a day or two. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make fresh flowers last a little longer? Well now you can and below you will find a few tips on how to do it.
Strip Leaves and Foliage
It is …

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[24 Jan 2011 | No Comment | 1,497 views]

If you live in an area that is susceptible to harsh weather conditions then it would pay you to be prepared. Natural disasters can happen at any time and if you are unprepared they could cause quite a lot of devastation.
How to Prepare for Disasters
There are a number of things that you should have prepared just in case your home is struck by natural disaster. Firstly you should have a crank emergency radio. These are typically better than battery powered radios and they turn on relatively quickly.
You should also ensure …

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[8 Jan 2011 | No Comment | 1,244 views]

When it comes to putting new wallpaper up, many people choose to place it over existing paper. This is because they think that removing the old stuff will be really hard work. While it can be difficult to remove old wallpaper, it is definitely not easier to just paper over it! Here you will find a few tips on how to remove your old wallpaper.
Tip Number One – Steam it Off
Steam is a really effective way of loosening the wallpaper. However, you will need to make sure that you …

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[6 Dec 2010 | No Comment | 1,436 views]

If your toilet seat has broken, you will now be faced with the task of replacing it and fitting a new one. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are numerous ways to fit the new toilet seat and each one may be slightly different. This is something that you need to consider when you shop for a new seat.
Shopping for a New Toilet Seat
The first thing that you need to ensure is that you take your time when shopping for the right seat. You need to ask …

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[24 Nov 2010 | One Comment | 4,977 views]

Your toilet is one of the most used items in the home. Therefore when something goes wrong it can be a real nightmare. The toilet seat is the part that is most likely to break. There are various problems that can occur with the seat and here you will find out how to fix the most common one.
Fixing a Wobbly Toilet Seat
One particularly common problem which many people experience with their toilet seat, is that it will move from side to side. Luckily this isn’t too difficult to fix. …

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[3 Nov 2010 | No Comment | 1,221 views]

If you are looking to spend very little money on updating the home, vases can be a great accessory. A vase draws your attention and it can be used in a number of ways. Many people see them as simply a place to store flowers. However you can also use them on their own to give a unique feature in a room.
If you invest in cheap vases you can always personalize them yourself to make them look more expensive. If the vase is clear for example you could add colored …

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[1 Nov 2010 | No Comment | 5,796 views]

Wall stains are not uncommon in the home; especially if you have pets or children. The kitchen tends to be one of the main rooms that suffer from the most stains. This is mainly down to cooking spills.
Unfortunately wall stains are not always easy to remove. If you scrub too hard the paintwork can come off or you could damage the wallpaper. There are ways in which you can remove stubborn wall stains and here you will find the best ones.
Removing the Most Common Stains
There are some stains that are …

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[27 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 1,382 views]

It isn’t always easy to detect problems in the home. In fact, many serious problems can often go unnoticed for months, if not years. The trouble with this is that once you do realize that you have a problem, it will be extremely expensive and more difficult to fix. The question is, how do you spot problems early on?
Looking for Cracks
One way to tell whether your home has serious structural damage is to look at the walls. Are there any cracks present? Cracks can occur for a number of reasons. …

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[26 Oct 2010 | One Comment | 37,195 views]

If clutter is a problem in your home then decorative storage boxes can be a great way to get everything organized. You can safely store away the things that you need to keep, while still keeping the room looking clean and tidy.
There is a wide selection of decorative storage boxes available to purchase. However, it may be a better idea to try to make your own. Not only is this more cost effective, but it can also help you to eliminate other clutter too.
Finding an Adequate Box
Most homes have at …

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[15 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 5,597 views]

Most people these days do not have a lot of money to spare for home improvements. As unemployment remains high after the 2008 recession, it can sometimes be difficult affording to pay the bills every month, never mind home décor! If you have a limited budget but you would like to redesign your kitchen then there are things that you can do.
Replacing the Doors
One thing which many people do not consider doing is changing the kitchen door. This will make a huge difference to the appearance of the room and …

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