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[31 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 6,281 views]

Outside lighting is often a fantastic way of making the home look more magical. You can create a romantic, elegant theme in the garden all throughout the year. You just need to know how to place the outdoor lights in order to achieve the best results.
When lighting up the trees in your garden you need to consider the size of the tree. If they are quite small then you could get away with using low voltage outdoor spotlights. Recessed lights also make a great choice.
One thing that you need to …

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[11 Aug 2010 | No Comment | 1,531 views]

Do you want to completely change your garden but you really don’t know where to start? If you aren’t very good at landscape gardening then there are a few tips that may help. Firstly you need to understand the different terms used in landscape gardening.
There are two main terms that you need to understand. The first is Hardscape and the second is Softscape. The latter refers to plants, trees and anything living that can be placed in the garden. Hardscape on the other hand refers to things such as stone, …

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[30 Jul 2010 | One Comment | 3,080 views]

Choosing the best porch lights is not always an easy task. There are literally hundreds of different ones available to choose from. Different styles will suit different porches so it is important that you look at different types before you make a decision. Here you will find three of the best porch lights available.
The Kichler Outdoor Flush Mount
If you are looking for a simple porch light, the Kichler Outdoor Flush Mount is a great choice. Kichler is a top brand that produces only the highest quality products. You can purchase …

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[28 Jul 2010 | No Comment | 1,326 views]
How to Brighten Up Your House Number

When you purchase house signs, you rarely think about how they will look at night time. However, when the winter months draw in and the nights get darker quite quickly, illuminated house signs can be really handy!
You will notice that most homes that feature a house sign or number don’t have a light to illuminate it. Therefore if you do purchase one it will make your home a little more unique. There are quite a few different styles to choose from and each one can help you to enhance the …

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[23 Jul 2010 | No Comment | 1,269 views]
Enhance Your Garden with Patio Lighting

If you own a patio, purchasing adequate lighting can not only enhance its appearance, but it could also prove to be vital too. Without the right amount of lighting, your patio area could be a potential safety hazard at nighttimes. Therefore purchasing patio lighting is definitely a good idea!
Choosing the Best Lighting
There are so many different types of patio lights available so how do you choose the best ones? Well it all depends upon where you want to place the lights. Do you want them to intertwine with your plants …

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